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Are you looking for a local Personal Trainer in Waterlooville? I am an experienced and dedicated trainer offering personal training services in Waterlooville. Based at Horizon Leisure Centre’s Waterlooville site on Waterberry Drive, I’m here to make exercise and the gym accessible to all. Just a short walk from Waterlooville precinct and along Stagecoach and First bus routes, it’s easy to reach the centre and your fitness goals. 

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Could I Be Your Personal Trainer?

What I love about being a Personal Trainer at Waterlooville Leisure Centre is the range of people I get to meet and the variety of fitness goals they have that I’m able to help with. I have been working at Horizon for over 3 years and began offering personal training services in Waterlooville during 2022. Although I offer my services across both Horizon sites, you’ll predominantly find me at Waterlooville Leisure Centre with my clients. If you see me, come and say hi!

I enjoy training clients and helping them to achieve their various goals, whether that’s increasing strength, looking for support completing fitness entry tests for the armed forces, improving balance and every day life tasks or general fitness. 

Local Personal Training Services in Waterlooville

I am an experienced personal trainer who prides myself on making the gym less intimidating and provide the support you need to help you achieve your goals. I hold a Level 3 Personal Training qualification from award winning training provider, Future Fit. I offer weekly check-ins so we can assess the week and set up for the new week. You’ll also receive a training plan that you can follow when you head to the gym alone and nutrition help whether that’s maintaining, adding or reducing calories. These simple steps will help to develop your confidence in the gym plus they’ll ensure that you are consistently working towards your goals.

I have the experience and knowledge to create flexible workouts even during peak hours in the gym to ensure you enjoy an effective workout. Whether you’re looking for 1-2-1 sessions or looking to train with a partner, I can off a range of payment options including monthly direct debit, block of 5, block of 10 and pay as you go sessions to meet everyone’s needs. 

How will we achieve your goals?

Our personal training sessions will focus on a mixture of weight training and circuit training, depending on your goals. If you’re looking for a personal trainer for weight loss you might be expecting a lot of cardio. There are a lot of perks to cardio but it shouldn’t be your only option when trying to lose weight. Our sessions will work on your strength and how weight training is an excellent option for weight loss that can be supported by cardio training. If you’re ever been worried about weight training, I’ll help to make it simple and ensure you’re confident stepping into the weight section at the gym.

Using the excellent facilities provided by Horizon Leisure, I’ll ensure a friendly, welcoming atmosphere at every session. So why wait? If you want to work towards becoming the best version of yourself with the help of a friendly personal trainer in Waterlooville, get in touch.
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