How to Build Confidence in the Gym in 7 Easy Steps

Are you worried about going to the gym? Do you wander around feeling a little bit lost? If you’re wondering how to build confidence in the gym, I’m here to help! Here’s a few easy tips and tricks if you’re wondering how to build confidence in the gym. 

  1. Plan your workout
  2. Go with a training partner
  3. Wear something comfortable
  4. Don’t go during peak hours
  5. Consider a personal trainer
  6. Do a workout you enjoy
  7. Use Your favourite playlist

Go With a Plan

If you don’t feel confident in the gym then one of the easiest ways you can build your confidence is to go with a plan so you don’t feel like you’re aimlessly wandering around. Most gyms will offer some kind of programme service, whether that’s paid or free, that could offer you a basic training plan. Alternatively there are a number of online coaching services that would create bespoke training plans for you or a more generic plan based on your goals. 

Not only does going with a plan help you to know what to do next but if you are consistently going to the gym and doing the same programme, you’ll be able to make improvements with your goals. 

Go With a Training Partner

Trying something new with a friend always makes it less frightening and it’s an excellent way to start if you’re wondering how to build confidence in the gym. Whether your friend is also a beginner or they know what they’re doing and can help you out, make sure it’s someone you feel comfortable with. 

Wear Something Comfortable

Another tip on how to build confidence in the gym is to make sure you’re wearing something comfortable. For some people, new gym clothes can help them to feel more confident in the gym or they can act as a treat for reaching a certain goal in the gym. 

The most important thing to consider is to make sure you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, whether that’s baggy tops or leggings rather than shorts, ensuring your body doesn’t feel restricted and you feel cool enough is key. 

I know they’re not real people but one of my favourite things to do when I’m playing FIFA is to change my kit between matches if the last one didn’t go very well, a little freshen up and I’m ready to win again!

Don’t Go During Peak Hours

There’s nothing worse for someone trying to build their confidence in the gym than a busy gym. Peak gym hours in most commercial gyms will likely be between 6am and 10am or between 5pm and 8pm. If you do go during peak hours, this will be where going with a plan or friend will help to give you that buffer so you don’t feel uncertain.

Consider a Personal Trainer

Going in peak times and don’t have the confidence to go to the gym alone? Speak to a professional!

My fifth tip on how to build confidence in the gym is to know how to perform exercises correctly and how to use the equipment. If you’re looking for a simple step, having a gym induction from an instructor is the ideal way to begin learning how to use the gym equipment but if this isn’t enough or you’re looking for further support, working with a personal trainer might be for you. 

With on going support, not only will you improve your confidence in the gym but you’ll achieve any goals you set. A personal trainer can show you what exercises will effectively help you reach your goals whilst providing encouragement and help with your execution of exercises to ensure you don’t injure yourself. This will help to build your all round confidence in the gym so you feel comfortable going alone. 

Do a Workout You Enjoy

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to working out in a gym so finding a workout you enjoy will be key to improving your confidence at the gym. There are so many types of workouts you could try in the gym including:

  • Weight training
  • Cardio
  • A mixture of both weights and cardio
  • HIIT or circuit training
  • Functional training
  • Callisthenics
  • Crossfit

Plus many more!

Maybe you’ll find that the gym just isn’t for you and you’d rather attend exercise classes or do a team sport, whatever you decide, that’s ok as long as you’re moving your body in a way that feels good for you.

Use Your Favourite Playlist

Make sure you have a killer playlist to motivate you through your workout, even on the days you aren’t keen on going. Good music can make all the difference in helping you to show up for yourself and playing your favourite music is likely to make you feel more confident in yourself. 

So put your headphones in and turn up your favourite playlist to help you achieve your goals!

And remember…

My final and most important tip to improve your confidence in the gym is to remember that everyone in the gym started somewhere so no one will be watching or judging you! We’ve all been to the gym before and tried something new, we’ve all made mistakes whether that’s picking a weight that’s too heavy or learning a new technique and failing terribly.

So what do you do if that happens? You give yourself credit for showing up and trying something new of course! If you’re really struggling then ask for help from a gym instructor or a personal trainer. 

Instructors and personal trainers have specialist training and will be able to help plan your workout for you and guide you through new exercises so you can achieve your goals!

Find out more about my personal training services if you’re local to Havant or Waterlooville, or find a personal trainer local to you – I’d recommend starting at your local gym. 

Training with FYF Personal Training

Not only do I offer in-person personal training for individuals or duos but I also offer online personal training so you can try out the gym for yourself without worrying what to do in the gym. When you’re starting out, going with a plan is an easy way to help build your confidence in the gym.  

My in-person personal training service is ideal for those who might be looking to push themselves but don’t know how or for those that are looking for additional support with particular exercises in the gym. Whether you’re looking for something specific or general, all round support, I’m here to chat and figure out what’s best for you.